Spiritual direction is a ministry that involves discerning and responding to the work of God in our lives for the purpose of spiritual growth and healing.  My role as a Spiritual Director is to listen closely to you, observe where I see God at work in your life, and invite conversations that focus on your journey with God.

Spiritual Direction involves companionship, listening, and discerning.  The basis of Spiritual Direction is that Christ is always present and at work in us through the Holy Spirit.  A Spiritual Director is an educated companion who pays attention to and notices how Christ is present and at work in your life. 

As a Spiritual Director, I don't "direct" as one might direct a play or direct traffic.  Rather, I am a sensitive companion who observes, notices, and "directs" the attention of the other to the presence of Christ.


is spiritual direction for me?

You may have questions about prayer, your relationship with Jesus, and how to live out your life in Christ.  Some people want to deepen their relationship with Christ.  Some are discerning through a calling or a decision. Others feel stuck and need someone to help show the way by noting the presence, graces, and movements of Christ.  Some people notice that their familiar ways of connecting with God are no longer "working."  Many doubt they actually hear God, or they wonder how they can know God's voice from their own.

Our journey with the Lord can be overtaken by doubts, lies, insecurity, boredom, frustration, and fear, to name a few.  Spiritual Direction can help you process through obstacles, lies, and false beliefs, and it can bring you to new freedom in Christ, truth, forward movement, and even an understanding of your gifts, purpose, and callings.  Spiritual Direction is done with YOUR unique journey in mind.