I am a Spiritual Director who connects people to the heart of Christ through listening, encouraging, coaching, and prayer.


what i do and what I believe

  • I LISTEN...I listen to you and to the Holy Spirit.
  • I can hold your story without giving you advice and telling you what to do.
  • I ask good questions because I am truly interested in what is going on in your life.
  • I am totally focused on you when we are together.
  • I believe that you have the ability to steward your spiritual journey.
  • I believe that you and Jesus can solve your issues.
  • I believe that Jesus loves you, and He is FOR YOU...all the time.
  • I believe that Jesus speaks, and you can hear Him.
Spiritual direction is a way to pursue God with all our heart and a way to respond to God, who is pursuing us.
— Jeannette Bakke, from Holy Invitations